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Saturday, September 23, 2023


Quality Policy

  • Continuous Quality Improvement
    • Be innovative and utilise all resources for producing the best quality goods and services by collective efforts from all.
  • Global Customer Satisfaction
    • Forever focus on internal and external customer requirement, prompt in responding to problems and eliminate repetitive defects.
  • Create Safety Awareness
    • Develop and enforce the use of safe working practices and provide training to employees in this regard.


  • To inculcate an organisational culture that is supportive of quality and excellence.
  • We aim to succeed in developing a road map for achieving excellence in our organisation.
  • By excellence we mean a condition where our employees willingly take personal ownership for the services or products that our organisation produced

Quality Systems

  • Our Quality Systems is based on the fundamental principles associated with people involvement, a high degree of training and the scientific method expressed in terms of data collection and statistical analysis and process intent.
  • Our Quality Systems emphasize on:
    • People and Teams (inc. suppliers & customer)
    • Process Improvement
    • Training and Education
    • Statistics
    • Quality Activities
    • This means the emphasis is placed on improving skills, techniques, product and process knowledge and market knowledge by employing statistical quality control where possible

Measuring Facilities 

  • As a quality-conscious manufacturer of custom made products requiring precision measurement, we recognize the importance of establishing and maintaining Measuring Facilities.
  • Realizing the necessity to supply efficient and higher accuracy measurement, we have equiped ourselves with a range of comprehensive measuring equipment.

  • Our measuring facilities include:
    • 3D Computer Numerical Control (3D CNC) Vision Measuring Machine;
    • Humidity And Temperature Chamber;
    • Statistical Process Control (SPC) Softwares; and
    • Various type of measuring Gages.

Training & Education

  • Training and Education is basic to our quality management. It is one of the cornerstones of our quality model.
  • Over the years excellent Training and Education Programs have been provided and will continue to be given to qualified employees for the purpose of yielding performance improvement on the job.
  • We firmly believe that these Programs will provide our employees with knowledge of what we are pursuing, the rationale for the pursuit, and the skills they need in order to achieve quality improvement.
  • We realised that Training needs to be followed by application of newly acquired skills, or the investment in training will be lost. Therefore, usually for each process improvement training, we will conclude with the identification of Quality Improvement Projects.
  • Work on these Projects will continue when the employees return to the workplace.
  • Our employees working on the Project would have possesed the necessary skills, resource, and abilities to complete the Project successfully in a reasonable period of time.

Quality Activities

  • We implement Quality Activities targeted at the customer in realising the product performance, reliability, safety, usage,economy, servicing and the like that customers demand.
  • Our Quality Activities are activities for rationally and economically realising our objectives through utilisation of statistical and other scientific approaches to enhance and manage the processes for production of satisfactory results through the employment of specific means and techniques.
  • We use quality as one of the measurement of the achievement of customer satisfaction and our ultimate quality goal is for improvement to be continuous and unlimited.


  • Throughout the history of Chiyoda Integre Co.(M) Sdn. Bhd. (CIM) we have often take challenges that came our way. Our  burning desire to improve and to upgrade our quality systems in order to meet our Company's objectives and Policy has driven us into meeting the quality program's challenges headon.
  • Our Quality Achivements are both Awards that have been won through our keen participation in quality programs which some of our major customers held, and awards that is internationally recognized.
  • The Awards received are indication that our customers have truly valued and certified CIM's excellence quality, not only in terms of products but also in deliveries and services.


  • The Awards received from our customers, just to name a few, are as follows:
    • 1990 - "Best Performance For The First Half Discrepancy"
    • 1992 - "Excellence Performance"
    • 1992 - "Quality Improvement Award"   
    • 1994 - "Productivity Performance Award"
    • 1997/1998 - "Supplier Customer Satisfaction Activity" 
    • 1999/2000 - "Quality and Delivery Requirements Gold Award"


  • On the international scene, in 1998, CIM achieved the MS ISO 9002 : 1994 Certification for its quality management system.


Quality Policy

Chiyoda Integre Malaysia is committed to providing defects free products and excellent services to its customer base. Its goal is to meet and through continuous quality improvement exceed customer expectations.

The company’s quality policy shall define and conform to the following three policies: It is Chiyoda Integre Quality Policy to achieve:

Continuous Quality Improvement
Be innovative and utilize all resources for producing the best quality goods and services by collective efforts from all

Global Customer Satisfaction
Forever focus on internal and external customer requirement, prompt in responding to problems and eliminate repetitive defects.

It is the top management and all staff responsibility to ensure that the policy is understood, implemented and maintained by all level of staff.

Environmental Policy
Chiyoda Integre Malaysia has a fundamental responsibility and commitment to:

  • Reduce hazardous and non-hazardous waste generation and the consumption of energy and resources
  • Respond promptly to controlling and preventing pollution to the environment
  • Comply to relevant environment legislation / regulations and other requirements
  • Ensure that prohibited and totally abolished substances as stated in customer’s regulations are not used in raw materials, process and final products
  • Have an unflinching focus on continual environmental improvement

The compliances to the application laws and regulation form an integral part of our commitment for the protection of all out employees in this organization. The management shall establish environment objectives and targets to ensure that this policy is continued to be enforced, maintained and upgraded at all time. This policy shall be made available to interested parties upon request.

Safety And Health Policy
CIM is fully committed to instill safety operational concept, providing safe and healthy workplace for all its employees. Resources is tantamount with the priority CIM places on safety and healthy matters, be it to address hazard control, accident prevention or rehabilitation issues. We never compromised with safety and health of the employee with pertaining to all relevant legislations. We always emphasize protection delivered to our employees at all time by eradicating unsafe and hazardous elements that will jeopardize us and out future generation.

We place safety and health as significant as our production. At CIM: -

The Management is fully committed to:

  • Integrate safety and health issues in all aspects of the workplace
  • Create an effective action to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment
  • Enhance jobs satisfaction via continual improvement of employees’ safety and health
  • Disseminate information and encourage effective and two ways communication on safety and health.

The employees are responsible to:

  • Maintain and enhance safe and healthy practices
  • Cultivate and promote safe and health working environment
The safety and Health Committee commitment is to:
  • Enlist the consensus through the process of joint consultation between employees
  • To implement and enforce the Safety and Health’s Standard of CIM.