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Saturday, September 23, 2023


Soft Polyurethane Foam

Soft polyurethane foam from polyalther thread and polyester thread. The speciality, using in cushion material, sound absorb material, anti heat material and general house appliances.

Polyalther Thread and Polyester Thread

Generally it is known that, polyalther thread urethane foam and polyester thread urethane foam is the same soft polyurethane foam. The main content of soft polyurethane foam is the polyoar. In the polyoar the alther combination in the high polymer connection and the ester combination is different.

Generally, in the alther combination and the ester combination, have a different in the strength of the combination energy, softness of the molecule, and the function in the molecule of each other. The different of the strength of the two threads are, the different of the hardness, the different of the water test and chemical test.


Different of polyalter thread and the polyester thread.

    Polyalther thread urethane foam Polyester thread urethane foam
Physics type features / specific characteristic Strength Strength is 1 kg per unit square centimetre and keep pulling 2 times above. 30% ~ 100% than polyalther, also can pull 2 times and above
  Softness Except special types, generally, from the different way of power, the softness and coverness is good. Softness is not as good as polyalther, have hard touching feel.
Chemical type features / specific characteristic Water check / test No reaction with water power test and not absorb water. No chemical problem in water test. Reaction same as polyalther, add on non neutrality PH liquid will make embrittle.
  Oil check / test Content solvent, easywet, when wet, strength will reduce, but chemical function no change, when dry will cover back. Compare with the polyalther, hard to get wet or not wet at all. When wet, strength not change too much and chemical function is ok.
Others Heat check / test Same as hot plasticity resin foam, which has no soften point, when heated, will melt to gas directly. Same as polyalther, melting is much than polyalther, so, polyester totally can be melted.