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Saturday, September 23, 2023


Shield Material

Recently a lot of product was invented during the electronic growing era, thus, a lot of IC or LSI was used in the electronic device. Echo emit from the semiconductor itself will cause electromagnetism wave noise.

This electromagnetism noise not only caused barriers to the wireless communication, especially for T.V receiver eletronic wave, it also create barriers to other electronic device too. Thus, this created a lot of interference problem. To overcome this problem, special electromagnetism wave shield was needed.

Mix contents : Metal gild and insulate shield sticker mixer shield.

  Product No. Constitute
Alumi gild / insulate CAP-12-50 AL12+PET50
  CAP-20-100 AL20+PET100
  CAV-800-200Z AL80+PVC200
  CAV-80-400Z AL80+PVC400
Copper gild / insulate CCP-35-100 Cu35+PET100
  CCP-70-100B Cu70+PET100
  CCV-35-200 Cu35+PVC200
Iron gild / insulate CFP-25-100 Fe25+PET100
  CFV-25-100 Fe25+PVC200